Monday, August 22, 2011

Peek-a-boo Slip

I got this fabulous idea from Maybe Matilda She made a lace slip, I decided to make a red one! I used the fabric from my shower curtain (see here). This fabric has been an awesome purchase! I've used it so much!

~ old skirt
~ fabric

Maybe Matilda uses elastic and makes her own waistband. I didn't want to have to worry about that and decided that since I'd have to buy fabric and elastic anyway, I might as well buy an old skirt. I found this lovely piece at DI (you could just use an old one from your closet though!) and just cut off the top layer and then chopped it off to the length I wanted.

(make sure you get a skirt that has a built-in slip)

Pretty isn't it? :)

Then I cut two strips of red fabric so that the red would hang down below my skirts. I wanted it to come just below my knee so I cut the blue skirt to right above my knee-cap and then cut about 5 inches of red.

I sewed two of the edges together, pinned it onto my blue slip and sewed it on.

Don't worry about the raw edge here, nobody will see it! I didn't worry about the raw edge on the bottom either but you can turn that up if you want to

By the my new best friend. You've heard of fabric pens right? Don't buy one! Just use a white crayon!!

After sewing it onto the slip sew up the other two edges. You're done!

Goes great with my new necklace too!

Total Cost:
~ old skirt: $5.00
~ fabric: $0.00

Peek-a-boo Slip: Total Cost ~ $5.00

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bead and Ribbon Necklace

I was getting stir-crazy yesterday and knew that I needed to do something to get my mind off it. This is one reason why I love crafting! Here's what I did for my therapy :)

~ beads
~ ribbon
~ fabric
~ needle/thread

Remember the beads I had in my bathroom before the vases all crashed and fell? (read story here).

Well I took the beads and made a necklace out of them! (I still have tons of beads left though! So I'm sure you'll see them in another future project!)

I was inspired by a lot of necklaces on Pinterest that have been using ribbon. I just threaded ribbon through my beads doing 4 red, a knot, 1 black, a knot over and over. I did triple or quadruple knots so they would kind of stand out and really add space between the black and red beads.

I made one strand with 3 red groups and one strand with 4 red groups. I then tied those two groups together and then tied them onto another piece of ribbon so I could easily put the whole thing around my neck.

I wanted to add just a little more shazaam so I made a flower to add onto one side. Here is the picture tutorial (off Pinterest - BEST WEBSITE EVER!) that I used. I did six petals instead of four. I used leftover fabric from my shower curtain (see project here)

I also added a bead in the center of my flower to tie it into the necklace more. I wanted to place the flower right on top of the knot where I had tied all the strands together.

Thread the bead through one side of the ribbon

Bring a piece of ribbon from the other side of the knot and thread that through as well, keeping your flower in the middle

Pull each ribbon strand through the bead

Tie ribbon strands in a knot, cut off extra

Voila! DONE :)

Total Cost:
~ beads: $0.00
~ ribbon: $0.00
~ fabric: $0.00
~ needle/thread: $0.00

Bead and Ribbon Necklace: Total Cost ~ $0.00