Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Block

C. and I found out that we're having a little baby GIRL :) We are so excited! I wanted to make something for my little girl but don't have a lot of big pieces of fabric in my scraps. I was going through all the baby projects on (awesome site! See her original project here) and I found this project. Perfect for my small scrap pile!

~ 6 squares of fabric
~ batting

The first thing to do was cut my 6 squares of fabric. I cut mine 4" x 4" but obviously you can do any size you want.

Next, take two squares and sew along one edge right sides together. Do this until you have 4 squares sewn together, all right sides facing inward.

Ok, now take a square and snip away 1/4" block from each corner. This block will become either your top or bottom and the block you snip away will help it lay nicely with the others.

(This part took me awhile to figure out!) What you want to do is pin your top/bottom piece so that you will have a 1/4" seam all the way around. The raw edge of your top/bottom piece and the raw edge of the side piece should be sticking out. Their right sides will both be facing inward and will be facing each other for that 1/4" that will become your seam. I hope that makes sense!

Now turn it inside out, stuff it with batting and hand-sew the last few inches up. I was ready to do this but didn't have any batting! I was at Ross buying maternity jeans and decided to look for some batting I could use. Here is what I found...

Isn't this gross?!? This is a dog-chew toy. I felt so ridiculous buying it, the picture doesn't do it justice!

I quickly pulled out my seam ripper and went to work tearing this thing apart. I got the batting that I needed and transferred it to my block. (I only used about half of it too! I now have batting for another project down the road. All of this only cost me $3.00)

Here's the finished product!

Now baby girl has a brand new block to play with, throw around and chew on :) I just have to wait until she gets here!

Total Cost:
~ fabric: $0.00
~ batting: $3.00

Baby Block: Total Cost ~ $3.00