Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crocheted Burp Cloth

This project is kind of funny and I almost didn't even post it, but I figured what the heck :)

~ Yarn
~ Crochet hook
~ Needle
~ Thread

Four years ago my roommates and I got really into crocheting. It was really cool . . . except that it only lasted a few months. In those few months I bought this really fun fabric and was planning on making a scarf out of it. I ran into two problems: 1. I crocheted it really tight so it was too stiff to become a scarf. 2. I ran out of yarn, it was only about 2 feet long by the time I finished. I probably should have just thrown it away but I was so proud of what I had done that I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So I hung on to this 2 foot, stiff crocheted "scarf".

I finally decided that I had to do something with this or else get rid of it. I decided to fold it in half, sew it together and make a burp cloth :)

Haha, definitely not one that I would give to people but hey, it works for me :)

(And I did cut off that extra piece of yarn lying across the top . . . just ignore that!)

Total Cost:
~ Yarn: $3.00 (I bought this four years ago so I don't remember exactly)
~ Crochet hook: $3.00 (again, an estimate)
~ Needle: $0.00
~ Thread: $0.00

Crocheted Burp Cloth: Total Cost ~ $6.00

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Recipe Blog

There are a lot of recipe blogs out there and I enjoy looking at them but honestly 95% of the recipes I look at leave me thinking "Oh, I bet that's yummy...I'll never make it." Either it takes too much time, has weird ingredients, or just sounds too overwhelming.

My sister has noticed this too and decided to start a blog dedicated to cheap and easy dinners. What a great idea! She's going to post easy-to-make, regular dinners that are good for the mouth and the budget! She's interested in getting ideas too so if you have any good dinners email her at Check out her new blog...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Look

What do you think of my new background, style and layout for the blog?

I can't decide what I think so I need your input! Leave a comment and tell me if I should keep this one or go back with the other one (the tan background with a faint old-fashioned music manuscript) or if I should find something totally new.

Vote! :)

Sunburst Crib Decor

I wanted to do something for my baby's room so I started going through my craft box and I found this little mirror and some blades of grass. Here's what I came up with :)...

~small, round mirror
~blades of grass
~craft paint/paintbrush

First I cut all the blades of grass in half. I wanted to use them as sun rays but didn't need them to be as long as they were. Plus I only had a few left and I needed to stretch my resources.

Next I bought some yellow craft paint and painted all the blades of grass. I did a layer of white first so the green wouldn't show the light yellow paint as easily. I ended up painting both sides too just because the dark green would be very noticeable since it's so different from the yellow.

After the paint was all dry I glued the blades of grass onto the back of my mirror. I actually used wood glue because I was afraid hot glue wouldn't be strong enough and wood glue was the only other kind we had! worked :)

After the glue dried I was done! Now it's ready to go in its new home on the end of crib, ready to look down on my darling baby girl.

Total Cost:
~small, round mirror: $0.00
~blades of grass: $0.00
~craft paint/paintbrush: $2.00

Sunburst Crib Decor: Total Cost ~ $2.00

Sad Day

I was cleaning my bathroom today and moved the red/black beads (see here) from the top of the toilet so I could wipe it all down. I turned around to get out the cleaner and **CRASH** my beads fell and all three glasses shattered!! I just stared in disbelief for several minutes not knowing where to begin with the cleanup! I finally pulled myself together and gathered all the beads into a bag to use again someday and then I proceeded to clean up the glass shattered across my bathroom floor.

I loved this project. It brought a lot of color, style, and personality to our bathroom. It was a good focus point and just made me happy! And now it's gone :(

In a moment of grief-stricken absentmindedness I threw away the black wire holder that held my cups. Now I can't even remake it! So if any of you have some ideas of what I could do with the beads to put back on top of my toilet let me know.

Farewell beautiful. I'm going to miss you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Blog to check out

I was searching for ideas on baby gifts and I stumbled across this blog. I've only looked through it briefly but it looks like it's got some great stuff! Check it out