Monday, October 25, 2010

Diaper Case

My sister is pregnant so to celebrate I made her a cute little diaper case! I've never owned a diaper bag but I've seen a lot of mothers fishing through looking everywhere for a diaper! (And sometimes it's kind of an emergency to get a diaper out for that little guy!) I found this tutorial for a diaper case on (here). I was so excited when I found this idea, but I'll be honest, her tutorial is kind of confusing. She was doing all this in-and-out, double-sided, flip-a-roo stuff and I thought, why can't you just stick the two pieces of fabric together?" So I totally simplified it!

~ Fabric: 2 pieces (one that is 8 x 12 inches and one that is 8 x 15 inches)
~ Sew-on velcro
~ Extra fabric for any fun additions you want!

Here are my two pieces of fabric

Make sure you fold under the raw edges along the top and sew those under. Then lay the two pieces of fabric RIGHT sides together and sew along the top and two sides.

Once you've sewn your two pieces together clip out the two bottom corners. Get close to the seam but make sure you don't snip through your thread!

This is the extra 3 inches on the back piece on the top. I wanted it to be the same width as the bottom section and I wanted to get rid of the raw edge, so I folded it under and sewed it all up, matching it to the bottom section so it wouldn't poke out when I folded the flap down.

Next just sew on the velcro! You can just do one piece or you can two if you want it to be extra secure.

I wanted to add a little pazzaz so I made two fabric yo-yo's and put them on the back bottom corner. I just safety-pinned these on because I wanted her to be able to take them off to wash the diaper case. If you want it to look a little more professional but still want the yo-yo's removable you can also do more velcro. I also cut out this thin piece of fabric (same as the yo-yo) and, with raw edges pressed under, sewed it along the edge of my flap.

Finished product (front view). What do you think?! Now it's easy to find diapers in that notoriously messy diaper bag and if you ever have a babysitter you can just whip this out and hand it over!

Diaper Case:
~Fabric: $3.00 (rough guess...I don't remember exactly. But this gave me enough fabric to make at least one more, maybe two)
~ Sew-on Velcro: $3.00 (something like that...but again, this gave me enough velcro to make 2)
~ Extra fabric: $2.00 (same thing...gave me more than what I needed)

So, even though the total that I spent equals $8.00, since I have enough materials to make at least one more, I'm going to say that this one diaper case cost me $4.00

Diaper Case: Total Cost ~ $4.00

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Splash of Fall

I know I've been bad at posting lately! I'll step it up :)

I have seen a lot of pumpkins on blogs I've looked at and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. They're so cheap and they're fun and they add a nice autumn feeling to your home. I got my 3 pumpkins at Smith's, they were only $1.00 each! (The big one was a different kind of pumpkin so I got it cheaper per pound than the small ones.)

Just a nice reminder that fall is here!

Splash of Fall:
~ large pumpkin: $1.00
~ small pumpkins (2): $2.00
~ cute table runner that goes so well with fall! (Ok, you don't need this, but don't you agree that it goes great with my pumpkins? It made me very excited! I love this table runner!): $0.00

Splash of Fall: Total Cost ~ $3.00