Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Plaque

I had this mirror left over from when I tried to use that Porcelain Marker for my bathroom quote project (here). You may remember that the marker dried up so fast I couldn't even finish the quote! I ended up using something different and so I had this mirror just sitting on my desk. I decided to use it for Christmas :)

~ Mirror
~ Christmas picture
~ Mod Podge

I went through a church magazine and found a Christmas picture that I really liked. I cut it to size and mod podged it onto the mirror.

You could still see the mirror along the top of the picture so I decided to add a little quote. I've given up on using Porcelain markers so I just used a black sharpie and it worked perfectly! (Also MUCH cheaper!!) Since the picture was of Christ I decided to write "O Come Let Us Adore Him"

Here it is!
(The pictures aren't the greatest sorry)

Christmas Plaque:
~ Mirror: $0.00
~ Christmas Picture: $0.00
~ Mod Podge: $0.00

Christmas Plaque: Total Cost ~ $0.00

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Trinkets

There's got to be a better title for this project, but I don't know what to call them, so for now they're trinkets :) Anyone who has a better name please leave it in the comments! I know it needs work :)

So, I wanted to do something festive for Christmas but didn't have money to spend and didn't really know to do. I decided to just go in to my craft supplies and start looking around. These are my favorite kind of projects because I just see what I have, put something together, and end up with a craft at the end! I get so excited when I'm able to create something out of all that stuff. To other people my craft corner (I don't have a craft room, just a craft corner) may look like junk, but to me it's a whole bunch of projects waiting to come together!

~ Cranberries
~ Gold fabric
~ Candle holders

I started by looking at two projects I made last year (here). (They now sit side-by-side on my dinner table).

I love the cranberry look and while I was admiring my previous work ;) I decided that the green bottle had a few too many cranberries poking out of it. I decided to take off a branch. It looks much better now, and I was on my way to my new project! I cut up the cranberries and found some small scraps of gold material from one of my pillow projects (here). Now I just needed somewhere to put the two together.

I remembered that when I bought the candle holders for my bathroom (here) they came with little glass cups to place the candles in. I didn't end up using the glass cups with the holders so they were sitting in my craft box. I pulled two of them out, cleaned them off, and put the cranberries and fabric inside! What do you think?

When I started cutting the cranberries off the branch the outer paint layer came off, showing the styrofoam ball underneath. I had to cover that up! So I used a Crayola marker :)

Bird's Eye View :)

This "Oh Holy Night" was given to us by my mother-in-law. Don't you love it! Now I have my little nativity set with three cute things: my "Oh Holy Night" block, my Willow Tree angel, and my Christmas trinkets :)

Christmas trinkets:
~ Cranberries: $0.00
~ Gold fabric: $0.00
~ Candle holders: $0.00

Christmas trinkets: Total Cost ~ $0.00