Monday, February 15, 2010

Headband Organizer

I had like 16 headbands just stuffed behind our mirror in the bathroom and it was starting to drive both me and my husband crazy! Every time you opened the mirror to get a toothbrush, lotion, comb, etc., a few headbands would fall out. So I decided to do something about it!

~ Old silverware box (the one they come in from the store)
~ Scrap fabric
~ Hot Glue Gun

We had two sets of the same silverware and they were still each in their own boxes. I decided to combine them into one box and put the other into good use. So I took the top section where they'll kind of "showcase" what the silverware looks like and cut out some scrap fabric to go on top of it. I tacked down the fabric with my hot glue gun and it made a nice place for me to keep my headbands! Now they're neatly placed in my drawer, they don't fall out of the medicine cabinet, and there's cute fabric behind them! :) You can use any sort of box, just make sure it's shallow. If you get a deep box it will be more likely to become a new place of chaos. Shallow boxes are easier to keep organized. While doing this project I went through all my headbands and realized that I really only wear 5 or 6. So I threw the rest away! I love getting rid of things! It makes me so happy to get rid of clutter! Anyway, here are the pictures...

The old silverware box

My dang cute scrap fabric! Don't you love it? I made an apron out of this

Hurray! A neat, organized, cute headband organizer!

Total Cost:
~ Old silverware box: $0.00
~ Scrap fabric: $0.00

Headband Organizer: Total Cost ~ $0.00!! FREE!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Magazine Rack

One of the things that really bothered me about our old apartment was that we didn't have anywhere to put our magazines. Each month they just got harder and harder to keep organized because they just sat on our entertainment center without anything to keep them looking nice. I finally found a solution! And the best news of all is that it was totally FREE!

My husband and I got a pizza stone for our wedding (which I absolute LOVE by the way!) and it came with a cooling rack. I did use it, but honestly it's kind of a pain; hot pads are much easier! And since I'm working on not cluttering my kitchen I was deciding what to do with it when we moved into our new place. I had the fabulous idea of stacking my magazines on it and then sliding it under my entertainment center. It slides very easily and now the magazines have something to keep them organized and neat. Hurray!

~magazines that need organizing
~old pizza stone cooling rack

Stacks of unorganized magazines did not make me a very happy person--clutter really stresses me out.
This pizza stone rack wasn't any good in the kitchen, so why not make it useful somewhere else?!

Ta-da! A neat, organized stack of magazines :)

~ old magazines that badly need to be organized $0.00
~ old pizza stone cooling rack $0.00

Magazine Rack: Total Cost~ 0.00!!