Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Hanger Wreath

Well after a 15 month hiatus I'm finally posting again!

~ Shoebox
~ Scissors
~ Hot Glue
~ Paint
~ Hanger

To start out I cut a bunch of leaves out of an old shoebox. I've used diaper boxes for cutouts before but liked the shoebox a lot better because it's not as thick.

I need to make some orange paint so I found a recipe on Pinterest. It was kinda thick but I liked the effect of it. It's called Puffy Paint.

Equal parts flour, salt, water. Food coloring as desired.
(I did 1 TB each and it made plenty for this project)

Brown, orange, yellow and dark red

I used a hanger as my base so I bent it into the shape I wanted. Then I traced that shape onto some newspaper so that as I was gluing the leaves together I could keep them in the right shape. I glued all the leaves together so the whole thing was now one big piece.

To attach the glued leaves onto the hanger I just used some duct tape. I might add some hot glue along with it to make it's really stable.

And that's it :) Later I'm going to add some pine cones but I like it just like this too.

Total Cost:
~ Shoebox: $0.00
~ Scissors: $0.00
~ Hot Glue: $0.00
~ Paint: $0.00
~ Hanger: $0.00

Fall Hanger Wreath: Total Cost ~ $0.00