Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad-Day Box

This is an idea i got from Pinterest. When your husband has a bad day at work (or you could do it for your kids too) he can come home and pick something from this box to help cheer him up.

~ Old box
~ Something to decorate it
~ Candy
~ Cards
~ Coupons
~ Anything else you want to put inside

I put some candy, wrote him two cards, and made him coupons like "favorite dessert" "back massage" or "milkshake at Arby's". Do whatever your husband likes -- this is to help him cheer up!! You know what he'll like :)

I didn't want every surprise to be ruined the first time he opened it so I wrapped everything.

I wanted to decorate the box and so I actually cut up a gift bag and mod-podged it on. A gift-bag box :)

I wrote a little poem to stick on the front. It's cheesy but cute too :)

Here's the poem...


When you’ve had a hard day and you need a rest

Just open this box, put it to the test.

The contents will help you get rid of the blues

There are many options, you just need to choose.

When you open it up and see what’s inside

A smile will burst, and it will be wide

Your day will be cheery, your day will be fun

Those feeling-down blues will be out on the run.

I love you a lot babe, you make my life sweet

I hope this can help keep those bad-day blues beat.

Your hard work is valued, your devotion is clear

In our eyes you’re a hero, in our hearts you’re dear.

So open this box and see what you find

It has gladness and fun to bring peace of mind.

When this box starts to empty just let your wife know

She’ll fill it back up, let the happiness flow.

Fill it up when it gets low and have an on-going way to help get rid of those bad-day blues.

Total Cost:
~ Old box: $0.00
~ Something to decorate it: $0.00
~ Candy: $2.00
~ Cards: $3.00
~ Coupons: $0.00

Total Cost: Bad-Day Box ~ $5.00

Apples in a Vase

I was in charge of decorating the tables for a dinner last night. The theme was apples so I bought some different colored apples and just stuck them in vases. I was going to add something else to it but I liked the crisp look of only the apples.

How much easier can you get? And it makes a great centerpiece for early Autumn. Use as many vases as you want.

Total Cost:
~ apples: $5.00
~ vases: $0.00

Total Cost: Apples in a Vase ~ $8.00

Monday, September 19, 2011

Closet Organization

We have a shelf in our closet that was getting more and more unorganized. It's so easy to just toss clothes up there and lose the piles that have been so nicely made before. Since the shelf is high it's a pain to remake those piles. Here is my solution :)

~ closet shelf that needs reorganizing
~ cereal boxes
~ tape
~ scissors
~ nails/hammer


I cut the cereal boxes so it was a front/back and a side panel.

Tape the box against the shelf and back wall to create partitions around the shelf

Now it's nice and organized. Each group of clothing has its own section and it will stay organized better.

I also made little hat pegs out of nails so that our hats didn't take up shelf space anymore

Total Cost:
~ closet shelf that needs reorganizing: $0.00
~ cereal boxes: $0.00
~ tape: $0.00
~ scissors: $0.00
~ nails/hammer: $0.00

Total Cost: Closet Organization ~ $0.00