Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monogram Pumpkin

To decorate my small pumpkin I got out my beads and my hot-glue gun. This one I won't be carving so it didn't matter how I decorated it.

~ Pumpkin
~ Hot Glue Gun
~ Beads

I drew an "S" on the pumpkin with a pen and then hot-glued on my beads. Easy as pie! (by the way, why is that a saying? Pie isn't easy)

Here is my Halloween centerpiece. Now I have Halloween cheer in my kitchen :) (Or should I say Halloween fear? bwahaha!)

Total Cost:
~ Pumpkin: $2.00
~ Hot Glue Gun: $0.00
~ Beads: $0.00

Monogram Pumpkin: Total Cost ~ $2.00

Polka-Dot Pumpkin

Halloween and pumpkins
--they just go together--

Last year I just bought some small pumpkins to set on my table which was fine, but this year I wanted to do a little bit more. I bought 3 good-sized pumpkins thinking I would decorate one and we could carve the other two. But I decided I wanted to have my pumpkin and eat it too! :) So I came up with a way to decorate it while still leaving it carve-able

~ Pumpkin
~ Pins from a pin cushion
~ Beads
~ Ribbon

This was so easy! I just stuck pins all over my pumpkin and slid a bead over the pin. I tied a ribbon around the stem and I was done!

When I'm ready to carve this baby all I have to do is take out all the pins!

Total Cost:
~ Pumpkin: $3.00
~ Pins from a pin cushion: $0.00
~ Beads: $0.00
~ Ribbon: $0.00

Polka-Dot Pumpkin: Total Cost ~ $3.00

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Tree

Happy Halloween! I discovered Halloween Trees this year and love them! I think they're such a cool idea so I decided to make one.

~ Branches
~ An old sparkling cider bottle (or wine bottle)
~ Halloween decorations
~ Dryer sheets
~ Hot glue
~ Spray paint

I went to Dollar Tree and bought some Halloween erasers and some plastic Halloween rings. These became my "ornaments"

I took some branches and tied them together with twisty-ties. When I got the shape I wanted I spray-painted it black and then did a light coat of glitter spray paint.
Don't worry about the twisty-ties showing up. They'll mostly be covered by the spray paint and whatever you can still see you can cover up with ornaments and "cobwebs"

I used my sparkling cider bottle for the stand and started hanging up my ornaments. For the erasers I took a needle and thread and created a little loop at the top.

To get the plastic rings to stay on the tree I cut off the round part that goes around your finger and just hot-glued them into place.

To add the final touch I took a used dryer sheet and tore it up to create cobwebs.

I also painted the sparkling cider bottle so that it wasn't too distracting from the tree.

Total Cost:
~ Branches: $0.00
~ An old sparkling cider bottle (or wine bottle): $0.00 (I used one from a picnic a few months ago)
~ Halloween decorations: $2.00
~ Dryer sheets: $0.00
~ Hot glue: $0.00
~ Spray paint: $0.00
Halloween Tree: Total Cost ~ $2.00

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Potpourri in a Vase

I got some beautiful potpourri in a gift bag a couple years ago and love how it looks so I've saved it. I had it just in a pretty glass I have but decided to change it up a little.

~ potpourri
~ candles
~ vase
~ toothpicks
~ SWIMMING NOODLE -- yep, that's right. A swimming noodle :)

I wanted to fill a small square vase I had with the potpourri and candles but it didn't fill it up very much. So to add some filler space I cut up a swimming noodle. I was worried that the pieces of the noodle would get moved around once the potpourri got poured in so I stuck the pieces together with toothpicks.

This way they held together real well.

I also stuck toothpicks through the candles where the wick used to be and then stuck them into the tops of the noodle pieces. I poured in the potpourri and I was done :)

Total Cost:
~ potpourri: $0.00
~ candles: $0.00
~ vase: $0.00
~ toothpicks: $0.00
~ swimming noodle: $0.00

Potpourri in a Vase: Total Cost ~ $0.00