Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Wreath

I have started to really love wreaths. For some reason I didn't used to like them all that much but I do now! Here is a really Classic one I made.

~ Pie box top
~ Skirt
~ Fake holly/ivy/cranberries
~ Mod podge
~ Hot glue

This came on top of a pie from Marie Callendar's. but you can use anything round.

Lovely black skirt from DI :)

I cut up the skirt into strips and mod-podged some of the shiny layer onto the pie box top. This way all the white was covered up.

Next I added some bows from the satin layer

And as the finishing touch, I hot-glued some holly/ivy and cranberries into place.

Total Cost:
~ Pie box top: $0.00
~ Skirt: $5.00
~ Fake holly/ivy/cranberries: $0.00 (left-over from another project)
~ Mod podge: $0.00
~ Hot glue: $0.00

Christmas Wreath: Total Cost ~ $5.00

Friday, December 2, 2011

Marshmallow Garland

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

I saw a marshmallow garland online yesterday and loved it! I decided to add a few above my snowmen decorations.

~ marshmallows
~ scissors
~ floss
~ needle

When I did my first string I just used regular sewing thread but the marshmallows slid all over the place. I tried it with floss and they stayed in place! I don't think they'd stay in place with gloss floss but the waxy floss keeps them from sliding around.

I just threaded the floss through the needle, cut the marshmallows so I'd have different sizes of "snowflakes" and pushed the needle/floss through.

(These pictures don't quite do this thing justice. It looks really cool though, I like it)

Total Cost:
~ marshmallows: $0.00 (already had old ones in my cupboard)
~ scissors: $0.00
~ floss: $0.00
~ needle: $0.00

Marshmallow Garland: Total Cost ~ $0.00