Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nursery Letters -- Baby's Name

Over the next several months I will be changing my little girl's room into a girl/boy room. I'm going to use yellow as my main color and started by putting up little M's name on her wall.

~ Cardboard
~ Paint
~ Paint Samples (opt.)
~ Fake Grass (opt.)
~ Twine (opt.)
~ Staples/Sewing Pins

I started by cutting out the letters of M's name from an old box (of diapers . . . fitting for nursery decor right?).

I painted them white first and then put yellow paint on top.

To add some pazzaz I cut out little bits of "grass" and "leaves" from my paint samples and used a glue-stick to add them to some of the letters.
(I'm going to do a grass/leaves theme with butterflies on the girls' side and birds on the boys' side)

I took my paint samples again and cut out some butterflies to place around the letters.

To do the grass I cut some of my fake grass to the size I wanted and then tied some twine around a few, making little bunches. I slowly pulled off the tied twine and stapled that to the wall then I stuck the grass back inside.

And the finished product...
(I put this picture through editing and changed the letters. It's not her real name but it gives you an idea of the end result and I can still just keep her as my little M :) Thanks for understanding) 

Total Cost:

~ Cardboard: $0.00
~ Paint: $0.00
~ Paint Samples (opt.): $0.00
~ Fake Grass (opt.): $0.00 -- had some on hand
~ Twine (opt.): $0.00 -- had some on hand
~ Staples/Sewing Pins: $0.00

Nursery Letters: Total Cost ~ $0.00

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad's Car T-Shirt

C, my hubby, had a birthday last week and I finally got around to making him a Car T-Shirt. It's a car map on the back of a t-shirt he can put on to simultaneously play with the kids, relax after a hard day's work, and get a nice massage. Cool huh?

~ White T-Shirt
~ Map
~ Permanent Markers
~ Toy Cars

Tape four pieces of printer paper together and draw a map. (Feel free to copy mine or you can download one here)

Put the map on some cardboard and slide it inside the shirt. I don't know if you can see this very well, but this is my map inside the shirt ready to be traced.

Here's my finished product

This one isn't mine but here is a picture of how to use it when it's done.
(This picture comes from The Blue Basket)

Total Cost:
~ White T-Shirt: $2.00
~ Map: $0.00
~ Permanent Markers: $0.00
~ Toy Cars: $2.50

Dad's Car T-Shirt: Total Cost ~ $4.50

Monday, May 7, 2012

Become a Better Me

My sister has created a blog dedicated to bringing light into the lives of women. She has posts about physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health. It's so refreshing to hear a positive and encouraging voice about women! Visit her site and have a look around. She has uplifting quotes, good advice, and encouraging stories.