Saturday, March 10, 2012

T-Shirt into Baby Dress

I had two very old tank-tops that I was about to just throw away but I decided to change them into a baby dress. I used two because the fabric was worn out in some places so I just doubled up the whole thing.

~ Old T-shirt
~ Current dress
~ Sewing machine
~ Design for the front (opt)

First I took a dress she currently wears and used it to cut out the new dress. Make sure you leave enough room for a seam allowance.

I hate hemming so to get around it this time I just used the hem from my old T-shirt. To do this, cut about an inch of extra fabric below the neckline and cut a strip long enough to go around your needed edge (ie: the sleeve). Fold the strip around your edge, leaving the already finished hem on the outside of your new edge. Make sure that the extra fabric (the non-hem) will be facing the inside of the dress. Pin in place and sew all around using a zig-zag stitch to give yourself some breathing room with moving the fabric around. I did the same thing to finish off the bottom of the dress.

I needed a little bit more scoop in my neck so I traced a lid and cut out a neck.

To finish the neck I cut three strips of fabric from my T-shirt and braided them around the neckline. At first I started sewing it on with a zig-zag stitch but that was way too busy so I unpicked that and just did a straight stitch.

The main reason I made this dress was because I wanted an outfit to add this cute little saying I found...

Yep, I'm gonna have another baby! I'm so excited! We find out boy/girl in mid-April so I'll either be making more girl stuff or I'll delve into little boy :)

I found a T-shirt at DI with this on the front so I just cut it out and stitched it onto my dress.

Here's a close-up of the finished sleeve and neckline. This can give you an idea of how using the hem from the T-shirt and using a braid look.

And the finished product...

Total Cost:
~ Old T-shirt: $0.00
~ Current dress: $0.00
~ Sewing machine: $0.00
~ Design for the front (opt): $2.00

T-shirt Baby Dress: Total Cost ~ $2.00

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